Ambassadors of New Jerusalem Haiti, Inc is a nonprofit and 501c(3) approved organization based in United states . Our organization takes its inspiration from the Old Testament story of Joseph. Early in his life, Joseph found himself estranged from his family and in difficult circumstances. By maintaining his integrity through his steadfast faith in God, he found favor at the highest level in the greatest kingdom of the ancient world. When the entire world was facing a severe famine, Joseph used his ability, position, and prosperity to provide for the needs of many nations. Through serving the people of a foreign land, he saved his own family and nation.   

After working for many years for international NGO in the humanitarian field in Haiti,  the CEO and his family who's living currently in United states decided to help Children in Haiti and Around the World in the Education field specially by providing them assistance to sponsor their scholarship, by assisting schools and so on.   

 Ambassadors of New Jerusalem Haiti considers education to be the keystone to sustainable development. By supporting, strengthening, and expanding the resources of existing schools, we want to provide children with the tools they need to create their own future.   

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